Tips For New CCW Owners

If you have just recently applied for and completed the required hurdles of attaining a permit for a CCW, there are some things you should know before you get started. This is a huge step in self-defense for any would-be new comer to the world of conceal and carry, a big decision that also puts a lot of responsibility on you. Here are some tips for any newbie that would like to become more familiar with the concept.

Actually Concealing and Carrying –

Now that you have accepted the responsibility of being a defense-conscious gun owner, you must carry your weapon every day. There’s no point in owning the tools if you’re not going to use them. Figure out how exactly you plan on carry your handgun and make sure it’s in an easy-access spot, preferable on your waist or side. Aside from a standard holster, there are more discreet ways of carrying. Products such as undercover clothes and similar items are examples of discrete holsters.

Keep It To Yourself –

undercover clothes

As exciting as it may be, carrying a firearm isn’t supposed to be for your entertainment. It’s imperative that you aren’t making a point of having your CCW, bragging about it, or announcing it to everybody in the room. Making it known that you have a firearm concealed away can make some people nervous or even potentially make you a target. This principle obviously does not go for law enforcement. But, please be sure to inform an officer of the weapon in your possession as soon as possible in situations like a getting written up for a traffic violation.

Following these tips will ensure that you’re as safe and discreet as possible, after all, that is the whole point of having your CCW. Just remember to be safe and responsible.