The Different Styles Brides Choose

The first thing is to be clear that you should not go in disguise, no matter how much you love the trends. Maybe it’s not your style and, what’s really important, is that you feel it’s you. Don’t wear a ball gown just because your mother loves it, you should only be wearing things if it’s really your style and you feel comfortable in it.

Classical: you are a classic bride if you bet on the traditional, for what does not go out of fashion, simple but elegant and sophisticated. This type of bride will always choose a design with boat neck or V neckline accompanied by veil and jewelry like pearls or diamonds. Pair your look with a two-tier wedding veil and you will look completely gorgeous and elegant.

two-tier wedding veil

Romantic: they are delicate and simple. Romantic brides often choose tulle or chiffon dresses with the most romantic embroidery with floral motifs.

Boho: brides who get married on the beach or in the open air bet on a boho dress, to give a hippie style to your look, with light and vaporous fabrics, and accessories like floral wreaths.

Vintage: You’re a vintage bride if you love vintage styles, lace and Victorian dresses. They look for the most spectacular fabric (even inherited) that gives that vintage look to their look.

Modern: the modern bride wants to give an avant-garde touch to her look, she is daring and is committed to asymmetrical cuts in her dress, even for short dresses or large openings.

Whichever style you end up choosing, the most important art is that you feel comfortable and happy in your dress. If the dress is not completely your style, don’t choose it for your wedding day just because it is currently trendy.