Both Swashbuckling And Dandy Men Need Their Belt Buckles

belt buckles for men

This short story on belts and their buckles is taking a new creative turn. It really wants to make a neat impression on you guys who, in turn, want to make a good impression. Or are you calling yourselves gentlemen these days? That’s fine, that’s really all fine and dandy, because designing and manufacturing leather belts and belt buckles for men is turning out to be a swashbuckling business. It is good news for the creative designers.

It means that business is flying. Previously it was just taking off, now those belts and their buckles are flying off of the shelves. Wonder what kind of guys (or gentlemen) are snapping up these fine clothing implements for a song? Look, you all need belts. It’s functional; it’s there to keep your trousers or jeans in place. It can look really awful if you allow your jeans to go riding down under. Before you know it, you’ll have some strange guys saying; g’day Bruce.

Jokes aside, and with all the good intentions in the world meant if you really want to make a fine impression, now that function has been taken care of, you’ll want to keep those belts looking like real leather. That should be easy, seeing that it’s real leather you’re wearing anyhow, but do remember to give them a bit of spit and polish every once in a while. And that goes for your belt buckles as well, especially those.

You don’t want to end up having to apply rust guard to it now, do you? Anyways, we’re just about done here with this creative tale. If you’re going to be a swashbuckler of note, you’re going to want large buckles. And gentlemen prefer them a little smaller.